READING CLUB: fun way to increase human connection and general acumen

In October of 2020, only 16 months ago, at Talentum we incorporated a reading club and have read 19 books since then.

We came to find out it has helped us in two main ways. First, we have broadened our business, spiritual, cultural, and historic acumen and second, more importantly, we have increased human connection.

On one hand, it’s a no brainier that reading helps anyone grow and become better.  For example, Elon Musk read 10 hours a day in his youth years…no wonder he has gotten this far.  Bill gates reads 50 books per year… no wonder why he reached so high in business and philanthropy. Europeans once were the top readers in the world…no wonder why they became the most advanced continent developing science, art, and human studies so vastly in recent centuries.

Sidenote: Please notice that in the years to come we will see an even greater change in the global landscape considering that India, Thailand, China, and the Philippines have the top 4 spots of countries that read the most.

On the other hand, human connections became stronger within our organization and, hopefully, we can also make a impact in our communities, taking into consideration the reading club results we have experienced so far.

Why in our communities? Nowadays we live under busy agendas, massive and disproportionate technology distractions, and, primarily, an individualized way of conducting ourselves in general. For example:

  1. Leave to work in the morning in a hurry without noticing the neighbor a short distance away, possibly wanting to share something critical in his/her life or in the neighborhood.
  2. Attend work or school focused on meeting deadlines and/or schedules for classes or conferences with short to null attention to coworkers or colleagues, maybe they have news to share about something significant in their ventures.
  3. Run into the store under pressure to get somewhere else without noticing a friend or an acquaintance, perhaps that person could have offered us a way to a business deal or a friend’s gathering.
  4. Get to our children’s game with a large to-do list on the electronic device barely seeing the kid’s play and, even less, paying attention to the parent next to us, perchance he/she might offer us a piece of advice to improve in our relationships or in sports ventures.

All in all, we are too busy losing human connection.

Well, having installed the reading club has helped us become more human, increasing connection among us. Twice a week, we completely stop at midday for 30-40 minutes to listen to what people in our company have to share about the book we are all reading at the same pace, author’s goals, characters, intentions, emotions, fillings, learnings, findings, and other interesting things that help to get into that person’s shoes and see things with their eyes, improving the opportunity to learn more from them hearing their points of view. 

Additionally, we divert to correlated subjects which foster further dialogue and exchange of ideas and opinions, which in the end not only nurtures the purpose of human connection but also aids to increase open thinking, cultural diversity, broader learning, and somebody else’s perspective on a wide array of subjects.

As a result of these activities, we have seen a waterfall effect that includes longer conversations with significant others, increased interest in reading from friends and family, and greater conversations with other professionals.

All things considered, we would encourage families, coworkers, and/or friends to explore this fun way to increase human connection and general acumen.

KUDOS Talentum reading club!

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